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03/14/16 (Happy Rounded Pi Day)

Advanced Principles in Program Planning for Health Promotion Activities

Development, implementation, and evaluation of programs.



Grant Writing. Times are tight, so here are my tricks:


Trends. Lifecourse theory and social determinants of health. Evidence-based/informed practice. Pyramid shift.

Campaign Examples:

Multicultural Tailoring and Health Disparities:


I. Process/formative evaluation activities.

A. Document implementation and monitor outputs:

    • Report outputs.
    • Annual and final reports.
    • MCHB performance measures.
    • Staff meetings.
    • MCH Navigator Advisory Group: outer ring.

B. Assess quality:

    • Vetting of trainings.
    • Learner reviews.
    • Usability testing.
    • Accessibility testing..
    • Site feedback forms.
    • Review of new materials.
    • MCH Navigator Advisory Group: inner ring.

II. Outcome/effectiveness/impact evaluation activities.

A. Measure dissemination, increased access, and penetration:

    • Access statistics.
    • Dissemination lists.
    • Report on outreach activities.
    • Trainings taken.
    • Partnership activities.

B. Track changes in learners’ knowledge and skills and thus the extent to which the capabilities of learners to perform their assigned duties on behalf of MCH population health are enhanced as a result of the MCH Navigator:

    • Rate This Resource forms.
    • Self-Assessment data.
    • MCH Navigator learning program data.
    • Follow-up questions.

  • Tips: External review; Embed Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI).
  • Resource: Evaluation Toolkit




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